At WARAK we are specialists on the corrugator process. Our experience give us a position to give advice and consulting to many companies in our sector technical advice on the process of manufacturing corrugated board.

We represent in Europe to K&H, which is considered to be one of the best Asian corrugators manufacturer, adapting them to the European standards and automating the control and manufacturing process as any other European corrugator to more affordable costs for medium-sized factories. Ask Warak  to know about the possibilities that K&H can offer to your factory. You can show you nice corrugator installations, where you can realise its potential.

See in other sections of our website our new own products and developments. They all have been designed following our customers needs. The modular glue-kitchen that can prepare all kinds of formulations, from Stein Hall to No-Carrier, through the OEM starches. Glue kitchen with remote control, statistics and all possible options depending on the needs of each factory.

Also, our automatic Splicer BA-300 or the Flexor, to make flute changes at the entrance of the doublebacker, are examples of some of the products with more demand.

Call us to get additional info and see how we can help you to be more competitive.

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