With a professional team based on high qualified technicians and a deep knowledge of our sector, Warak Consulting offers to their customers a full technical consultancy and engineering service.

This engineering services and consultancy focuses particularly on the entire corrugating process, but also includes converting with complete engineering projects on internal logistics, WIP systems and the environmental issues of our industry.

There are many customers who have entrusted new projects or upgrades of their factories, as well as those who have made remarkable gains in productivity or cost reduction through a technical assessment offered by Warak Consulting.

Our procedure is simple: each factory is deeply studied with maximum professionalism, knowing its features, listening to their different production managers and, after that we appoint a continuous improvement plan, searching for the maximum productivity.

As we are specialist in few production areas, we offer a technical view based not only on the specific objective of the consultancy, but also we work in a problem vs. solution basis, in a global way. Benefits and impacts are assessed on other areas (storage, processing, internal logistics, environmental vectors, safety at work, etc.). Since we have our own mechanical services, electrical and programming, we can undertake subsequent improvement actions to ensure their results.