Crespel&Deiters, wheat starch and a lot of know-how

Nowadays, more than ever, the cardboard manufacturers cannot accept quality problems. On a market with an overcapacity of production, quality and service are the fundamental aims that consolidate the extension and customers’ loyalty.

Warak is very aware of the manufacturer’s needs and understands the reliability as a basic commitment. Due to all these issues, and for our extensive experience in starches, we believe in Crespel&Deiters (a German company with more than 150 years working on it and with a well-known leadership within Europe).

Warak goes beyond the commercialisation: we analyse your case free of charge - from the implementation in the productive processes, up to the analysis of the costs - to guarantee the maximum regularity and stability. Warak will inform you about the starch that suits better your corrugator and, in collaboration with Crespel&Deiters’ laboratories, can create specific products to increase your productivity and solve your problems of waste or rejects due to bad bonding.

  • Corrugating speed
  • Security
  • Technical service
  • Waste due to bad bonding
  • Finished products' rejection
  • Costs in use