Brand: European Dongfang
Representation: Spain & Portugal.
Principal activity: Corrugated machinery and peripherals

EDF is DongFang Precision Group’s European branch since 2009, specializing in the manufacturing of converting machinery for the corrugated packaging sector. Its team is made up of industry professionals located in major European countries with headquarters in Bologna and Treviso, Italy.


EDF supplies high quality solutions for the corrugated packaging sector, with a wide range of converting machinery (rotary die cutters, printers and casemakers) along with their own peripherals (prefeeders, stackers, turn tables, breakers and palletisers).

Great quality peripherals

EDF is a worldwide leader in high-end peripherals for the manufacturing of corrugated board. For more information, click on their online catalogue.

Converting machinery

Printers and rotary die-cutters, Casemakers. A complete range of peripherals for the die-cutting and Printing of corrugated board.

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Casemaker FD 618

Casemaker FD 821

Casemaker HGL 924