Brand: Fosber S.p.A
Representation: Spain & Portugal.
Principal activity: Corrugated machinery supplier

Fosber is a global lider supplier in designing, building and installing a full corrugator, as well as single machine units for the production of corrugated board.


The Fosber group offers solutions to their customers to achieve the maximum performance and flexibility in its production, thanks to its customer service orientation. Its core business is the production of corrugated board lines, with solutions for the industry 4.0.

The lines

Fosber´s  catalog includes several products covering the complete range to manufacture corrugated board at different levels os production capacity.

The supervisors

Fosber offers software dirven solutions providing the minimisation of production pause losses. They have developed, among other options, the first predictive maintenance system, allowing the operator to anticipate breakdowns and adjust the production planning.


S/Line Brochure

Industry 4.0