Brand: Fuma Machinery Limited
Principal activity: Corrugated machinery supplier

Achieving international recognition within the last 17 year, Fuma Machinery Limited has established a promising brand in the corrugated machinery industry.

Their extensive technical experience and knowledge of a corrugator allows the Fuma team to develop practical products such as the guide and bridge brake and the Trim Saver (their slitter aligner).

Guider and bridge braker

Fuma has designed a new guide and bridge brake with LED bar technology, achieving higher reliability, in comparison to previous models with artificial vision cameras, which required high maintenance and cleaning. The LED bar solution provides simpler configuration and easy cleaning.

Slitter guider - Trim Saver

Thanks to Fuma’s Trim saver, a slitter guide, the corrugators that do not have “gap less order change from Fosber” on the Dry End, the slitter is kept in the correct position during the change of order and decreases the side trim and its related waste.


Bridge Alignement Guide System

Trim Saver for Slitter Scorer