The Romcarton vertical WIP is already in operation

Last year Warak was responsible for carrying out the installation of a WIP (vertical storage system) and internal logistics at Romcarton, a factory of the Rossmann Group in Bucharest, Romania. The installation began on June 6, 2017 and was completed in January 2018. Now that a few months ago we can say that it has been a success.

We leave you with some impressive data on the installation:

Frame structure weight: 297 t

Weight of the panel: 58 t

Nº of screws in frame structure: 49.364

Weight on steel of transport equipment: 268.1 t (straps, transfer carts, presses, palletizers, XY units, etc …)

M² of transport equipment: 1.900m2

M2 of plastic belts: 3,800

length of the electrical cable: 3,400 m

Number of engines: 268

Number of units: 250

Number of hours worked (Warak + subcontracted companies): 21.450h

As it can be understood by the previous data, it is a very complex installation but that contributes many benefits to the ship. Warak feels proud to have participated in this project and happy for the success he has had.