Warak Consulting present at the CCE International 2019 fair in Munich


One more year we visited the European reference fair to present the news of our brands represented EDF Europe, Fosber and Dongfang.

We were present at the European reference fair in corrugated cardboard hand in hand with our representatives Dongfang, EDF and FOSBER. The fair presented new developments focused on the 4.0 industry, such as the new Pro / visionair helmet from FOSBER, which allows real-time technical support to plant engineers, remotely. Thanks to its versatility, it helps in maintenance tasks, training, supervision and problem solving.

Another of the great novelties was the presentation of the Multifunction Conversion center of EDF, a team that revolutionizes the transformation of corrugated cardboard, integrating several phases of the process. More information about this team in the following video.

To learn more about the products presented, visit our brands section.