Macchina di stampa rotativa e fustellatura a trasmissione meccanica. Macchina da stampa dal basso. 

Descrizione: Trasmissione per mezzo di motore principale e treno di ingranaggi. Registro di stampa di +-0,4mm dal 1° all’ultimo calamaio. Trasporto con camera a vuoto e treno di ruote in tungsteno. Corpo di fustellatura opzionale con motore indipendente. Vari formati di macchine secondo le larghezze di lavoro.

  • Dedicated computer controls are provided and orders can be stored and recalled by the local PLC controls. The machine also allows for quick and easy setup of orders and an increased level of convenience of operation.
  • Remote diagnostics can be performed by means of a remote dial-up connection. This makes maintenance and monitoring more efficient and reduces the post-installation support costs.
  • All drive shafts are made of high-quality steel, and are surface ground and chrome plated for longevity.
  • All driving gears are hardened and ground.
  • All units of the machine can be separated automatically or manually and an audible alarm sounds during the opening and closing for safe operation.
  • Every unit is also equipped with an emergency stop switch for increased safety. The machine operator, working inside each unit can stop the unit from moving at any time.
  • The machine is also equipped with an automatic lubrication system that keeps the lubricant levels in all of the units uniform at all times.¡