The EDF Europe Bundles Breaker is suitable to be fitted even on Rotary die cutter or Flat bed die cutter.

The machine separates nicks in between die cutter blanks in one direction only.

The Bundles Breaker is composed by two grippers one fixed and the other moving,  the separation point is automatically positioned in between the two grippers, the moving one pull whilst the fixed is holding the other side of the bundles, the movement is performed trough pneumatic pistons.

The transport of the bundles is performed trough flat driven belts.

Because its size it’s very convenient to be placed on the side of a Rotary die cutter.

Typical Flatbed die cutting application requires double sense separation ,the  machines needs therefore to be placed in corner or one after the other with a turning cross in the middle.

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Product Width 200 – 2100 mm
Product Length 200 – 2000 mm
Machine Weight 3130 – 3390 Kg
Electrical Data 400 V | 3 Kw
Air Data 6 Bar | 100 NL/Min