Layout design

Years of experience of our team working exclusively in the corrugated cardboard sector allow us to face and design greenfield factory projects - in common agreement with the needs and particularities of our customers - efficient manufacturing plants that take into account "carton genetics".

Cardboard storage capacities, cardboard piles and stacks transport systems, steam circuits, starches and even waste transport.



We have been carrying out cardboard maintenance projects since 2005. Within these 15 years, the leading cardboard factories have more than tripled their productivity. Our experience in this field means that when planning any handling project, we carry out future calculations to ensure that the project itself will continue being profitable over the years.


We work mainly in Europe, North Africa and Central America. Our clients are both industry-leading multinationals and private Industrial groups.


We create a digital replica of your factory in 3D that allows us to perform simulations with different production peaks or changes in your facilities, whether logistic or machinery.

A good logistics approach is the first step to save costs in a cardboard factory. The study involves design of layouts, efficiency of installed machinery or training of operators in good practices.