Glue Kitchens
for corrugated

Our extensive experience in the manufacture of corrugated cardboard with various starches has enabled us to design a reliable, versatile glue kitchen for multiple formulas. Its large preparation capacity means it can supply the latest generation of high-performance corrugators for the manufacture of double-double cardboard.

The installed circuits are versatile and have automatic cleaning by air blowing.

As it is modular, the investment can be adapted to your requirements and future expansions as necessary.


Modular frame

Stainless steel structure that increases equipment life. Depending on the space, it can be mirrored.


High-accuracy load cells and viscometer for greater repeatability of formulas


25-kW three-phase motor with cowless disc and additional upper turbine to improve and reduce stirring time in 2000-litre preparations by 30 minutes.


Loading and unloading circuits managed by automatically controlled pneumatic solenoid valves.


Additive dosing pumps included. Silo auger or high-transfer big-bag to reduce loading time.


Adaptable to modules for storage tanks. Fully customized to ensure the best alternative.


Open programming of the Siemens PLC and its HMI interface.

Optional remote formula control and changes.