The corrugated cardboard Prefeeder CS 3018 has been specifically designed in order to feed mini and midi lines using for Flexo top printing  machines with high performance systems.

The Flexo folder gluer Prefeeder CS 3018 is able to load a complete stack and shingle it on the belts deck. As soon as part of the stack is loaded in the Flexo folder gluer another stack is loaded after the previous one.

The result is a continuous workflow of corrugated cardboard that proceeds to the lead edge of the production line assuring high speed performances.

The Prefeeder CS 3018 is assembled on driven wheels. It changes position according to the corrugated cardboard length or it can easily pull back for line maintenance. The board flipping which takes the  printing side up, is done while the stack is proceeding towards the introduction without losing time.

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Cardboard type E | B | C | A | AB
Electrical Data 400 V | 29 A | 12 Kw
Air Data 6 Bar