The corrugated cardboard semi automatic Load Former palletizer EASYPAL PLATE helps the operator in manually building a corrugated cardboard stack by keeping a constant palletization level from the floor thus reducing the effort to lift the batches to places it onto the stack.

The semi automatic Load Former EASYPAL PLATE is made of a structure placed in a pit. The operator builds the layer by using an horizontal sliding plate as support function for the layer that the operator is forming. The conveyors descent in the pit at every layer by keeping constant the stacking level from the floor (about 750 mm). The conveyor descent is started by an operator push button.

Once the corrugated cardboard stack is completed the operator can eject the stack from the semi automatic Load Former and receives a new empty pallet on the base conveyor.

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Cardboard type All
Product width 400 – 1600 mm
Product length 400 – 1800 mm
Stack exit height 1800 – 2400 mm
Machine weight 3690 Kg
Electrical data 400 V | 10 Kw
Air data 6 Bar | 10 NL/Min