El Stripper Stacker FLEXYSTACK is installed in output of Rotary die cutters, machines with very high productivity.

The collection of the product by conventional means has a number of problems solved promptly by theStripper Stacker designed by EDF Europe, below we analyze briefly its main strengths:

  • Perfect cleaning of the box by belts and vibrating brushes in first stripper unit.
  • Multi out nick less using a system of belts and no crash wheels for separate boxes.
  • Improved stacking with shingling sheets transport.
  • NO stop change stack thanks to a system of lances which supports the first boxes of the new stack, in order to don’t have dead times and slow down the process.
  • Motorized belts movement for a more quickly and accurately sheet format change.
  • All components are motorized via graphical interface to minimize the human labor and the potential errors.

Cardboard type E | B | C | A | AB
Product width 600 – 4.100 mm
Product lenght 350 – 2.200 mm
Stack exit height
1.800 – 2.200 mm