Casemaker económica de transmisión mecánica. Transporte por cilindros de arrastre. Ideal para pequeños transformadores.

Descripción: Máquina de motor principal y tren de engranajes. Sección dobladora pegadora en servomotores como todas las demás casemakers del grupo Dong Fang. Varios formatos de máquina según anchos de trabajo.

  • Repeat orders can be stored and recalled by PLC control for fast order set-up and easy operation. Dedicated computer control desk is provided.
  • Malfunctions can be diagnosed by remote dial0up. Making maintenance and trouble-shooting more efficient.
  • All drives shafts are made of high-quality steel, chrome plated, and surface ground.
  • All drive gears are hardened and ground (hardness>60HRC).
  • All units of the machine can be separated automatically or manually and an audible alarm sounds during the opening and closing for safe operation.
  • Every unit is also equipped with an emergency stop switch for increased safety. The machine operator, working inside each unit can stop the unit from moving at any time.
  • The machine is also equipped with an automatic lubrication system that keeps the lubricant levels in all of the units uniform at all times.